Power flushing in Watford

Heating taking too long to warm up? Cold areas on your radiators? Boiler noisier than usual? These could be symptoms that your central heating is becoming clogged with rust from inside your radiator, affecting its efficient operation. A power flush can clear your heating system and get it working efficiently again.

With over two decades trade experience, we'll soon be able to advise if you do need a power flushing of your radiators and, if so, do the job for you efficiently at a competitive price anywhere in the Watford area.

What is power flushing?

Debris and 'sludge' can build up over time and interfere with the free flow of water through your radiators to the detriment of your heating and, eventually, the condition of your boiler as it battles harder to heat your home. A power flush pumps water and chemicals through your radiators at high pressure clearing the debris and adding corrosion inhibitors.

The result is radiators working efficiently again and a vast improvement in your central heating's performance.

When should you power flush?

The following could be signs that your radiators need a power flush: boiler becoming increasingly noisy, radiators cold at the bottom, radiators requiring frequent bleeding and the system overall taking longer to warm up. If any or all of these symptoms are present then call us and we'll advise if you need the work done.

Benefits of power flushing

  • Longer boiler life - operating under less strain
  • Quieter system - boiler noises reduced
  • Central heating pump life - extended as less strained
  • Low corrosion - inhibitors added to system

If you're replacing an old boiler with a new one, it's prudent to power flush.

Honest and reliable professionals

Worried you might be advised to have a power flush when it's not required? There's no need with us; we value our hard won reputation throughout the Watford area for honesty, professionalism and integrity far too highly to wrongly advise you. If your radiators need the work done we'll advise and quote you accurately - if you don't, we won't.

We'd be pleased to advise either way. Call us today on 01923 383606.